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At Love & Rockets, we invest in the highest quality advertising and promotions to make sure our dancers are as busy as possible, even on the quieter nights. You make money, we make money and vice versa. You've probably already noticed our monthly promotions and award-winning campaigns around town. These incentives ensure we're attracting new clientele everyday and helping you to maximise your earnings. We also use our own dancers in our photo-shoots - so you'll have the opportunity to develop your own personal portfolio or brand.

Love and Rockets is one of Queensland’s most highly regarded adult venues, with a multi-million dollar award-winning fitout, state-of-the-art facilities, and an atmosphere Brisbane talks about. We’re looking for fulltime and casual dancers to join our talented crew, as well as hostesses and bar staff. If you’re looking for employment where the environment is just as good as the money, we’d love to chat. Build your own business inside ours.

We have 6 values that set us apart from other clubs.
We pride ourselves on:

•  Breaking any negative stereotypes of strip clubs
•  Designing contemporary fitouts that rival some of the best nightclubs
•  Being innovative and continually raising the bar
•  Being the most professional and safe outfit in Australia
•  Empowering our girls by training them to become their own boss
•  Featuring our own girls in our award-winning marketing campaigns

We’re also proud to say we offer premium loyalty rewards for staying with us long-term and opportunities for dancers who model for our award-winning billboards and website.


Our venue facilities rival the best in Australia. Plenty of booth seating, private VIP lounges and our famous intimate tipping stages give our dancers the ultimate opportunity to maximise their income. Back-of-house facilities are top of the line, with personal keyless lockers for valuables, kitchenettes, personal vanities and spacious dressing rooms. Love & Rockets also has the latest fingerprint scanner technology for access to staff-only areas.

Training and experience for dancers

Supporting our dancers is everything. We ensure they are trained and empowered to feel confident in any situation. Once this happens, we find they can simply enjoy themselves. While some of our applicants have had experience as exotic dancers, many are first-timers. It’s amazing how quickly they progress and soon feel like they are running their own successful business ($$$).

As a new dancer, you'll get training on how to dance, how to dress and flaunt your unique look, and how to maximise your earnings and set goals. You'll also have ongoing support from our management team.

Safety and security

We set a leading industry standard in professionalism and our clubs have the latest technology in both entertainment and security. We have an established client base and we expect the best from all our customers. In keeping with our high standards, Love & Rockets has a strict code of conduct. Our well-known security staff are always present and unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated. The safety of our crew is our priority.

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  • “I love the confidence that comes with being a dancer, and the staff. It's a fun, friendly, supportive place to work.”


  • “Being a dancer has changed my life! I wish I had found this sooner!”